About Me

Hi, my name is Leonardo, but friends call me Leo, I live on Brazil, and I’m currently a college student.

I love the web, technology and programming! This is my blog, hope it will be helpful for people know about me and my projects.

Over the years I joined several modding communities and made some small contributions to them, such as:

  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Spiderman: The Movie Game (2002)
  • Cars: The Video Game

If you have used any of my work in the past and you liked, please, consider making a donation, so I can keep doing some cool projects and also buy a pizza to keep me alive.


  1. Hey!! I was watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPGD1wwvuK8&t=72s any idea how to get the update, x64 files in there?

  2. Hey there Meth0d, I was just wondering, Growing up I used to attempt learning coding etc. Theres a Meth0d that used to do a lot of Habbo Retro Coding Etc (One Of The G.O.A.Ts IMO) basically I'm asking, Are you the Goat himself ? and Id love to chop it up with you about how to transitioned into what you focus on now.


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