Modding Santa Claus In Trouble (XPK Tool)

A brief history...

In 2019 I started my studies in reverse file engineering and a good way for you to practice your knowledge is precisely to create tools to unzip and compress the studied formats.

Well, after analyzing some file formats, luckily I found a game that was part of my childhood: Santa Claus In Trouble. You may not be remembering, but I believe that most of you must have played it too... I confess that I was surprised, I played it when I was about 8 or 9 years old and I never thought I would play it again.

So I decided that I would do a packer/unpacker for the game's .XPK files.
It's a simple format, it's not compressed or encrypted, which made things a lot easier.

Game files
When unzipped, we will find files in formats already known and ready for editing, such as:

  • .DDS for Images
  • .TXT for configuration files
  • .WAV for game audios and music
  • .X for DirectX files - very old format
  • .TLB for text files and game translations
  • among others...

As a result, I ended up creating a tool that works not only for this game but for 2 other games from the same producer. They are: 

  • Santa Claus In Trouble (2002)
  • Santa Claus In Trouble... Again! (2004)
  • Rosso Rabbit In Trouble (2004)
Source Code Download Tool (14.34 KB)

It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 runtime to work properly.


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