187 Ride or Die - Modding Tool

This is a tool that allows the unpacker/repacker of the game files 187 Ride Or Die for Playstation 2. It was written in C#, requires .NET Framework 4.8 Runtime.

I'm providing the source (hosted on my Github) and also the compiled tool.

Source Code Download Tool (145 KB)

The files don't have "common names" but numbers, probably IDs (1,2,3,4...), that is, you won't find a cute file called "menu.dds" ready to edit/mod.

Unfortunately, almost nothing can be done, since the files are in their proprietary format and there is no modding community to reverse engineer them, I find it difficult to evolve into something beyond that... anyway, the MFD is a simple format, so at least one tool was made.

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