So, I've been off for a while...

Hi guys, Leo here (or Meth0d for most of you).

I know that we are living through a difficult time in the history of humanity, we are going through an unprecedented pandemic and with thousands of deaths around the world.

I'm fine, I hope you guys are too. College has taken up a lot of my time now, but that doesn't mean I've abandoned my hobbies. I will be coming back here from time to time to bring some news.

That's it for now, stay tuned, take care.


  1. add me discord if you want joaowars776#0001

  2. Are you the Meth0d I remember for making things about Habbo Hotel? Are you that one? If you are please md me on twitter @maduranma

    1. He is not the original Meth0d (Roy) from Uber Hotel and Retro Development. He stole the name and that's it hahaha.


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